Managing Director Message for Software Development Company

MD Speak

Dear Friends,

T.Shiva Kumar Howell owes its resilience to three fundamental characteristics, which are part of its DNA: dedication and commitment, quality and performance driven approach, T.Shiva Kumar and ability to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We know that it is our quality – quality in our products & solutions, quality in our people and quality in our relationships that has delighted customers for years and why our customers consider Howell as their right partner for all IT requirements.

Our diverse talented team is our greatest asset. We have got our own beliefs, values and codes of practice that are highly nurtured inside the company.

Leadership, integrity, passion, innovation, teamwork, and customer success are the elements of our business, people, and success.

The future holds promise for us. We are proud of having earned the patronage of many reputed companies in US, U.k. & India and strive to add many more to our customer base. We pledge to see our growth in yours and have Customer Focus as our guiding light in the universe of information technology.

I look forward to creating highly innovative solutions contributing to the growth of the IT industry.

Thank you, one and all, on behalf of the Howell Family.